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Personalized, authoritative health and medical information, support communities, and breaking medical news.
Easily accessible online databases of hundreds of articles on the topic of Alzheimers, regularly updated news stories, and reviews and links of other resources on the Internet.
Dr. Alzheimer`s
Diagnosis, symptoms, treatment, news, and more.
Health Gate: Aging and Health
Nutrition and exercise information.
Senior Living Alternatives
This site has gathered a wide range of lifestyle options so family members and seniors can easily sort through retirement communities, assisted living, nursing homes and home health care. Health
News, sites, and other information on nutrition, fitness, diseases, healthcare, and other areas.
Third Age: Health
Health news, features, tools, shopping, and other resources.
United Seniors Health Cooperative
Non-profit organization committed to democratic action based on the belief that informed consumers are those best able to help themselves. A leading source of information for aging network professionals ...
Aging Research Centre (ARC) Home Page
These pages are dedicated to providing a service for researchers in this field to find information related to the study of the aging process.
Aging: HealthWorld Online
A resource for herbal, integrative, naturopathic, and nutritional medicine. Also includes resources on Qigong and related information.
Alternative Medicine & Help for Senior Citizens
formation on alternative treatments for physical problems.
Alternative Medicine & Seniors: an Emphasis on Collaboration
Member`s editorial from the Government of Canada National Advisory Council on Aging.
Alternative Medicine Research in Stroke & Neurological Disorders
Information about the current state of complementary and alternative medicine techniques used in the field of rehabilitation as applied to stroke, brain injury, spinal cord injury.
Alzheimer Disease
Information about the disease including prevalence and heredity.
Alzheimer Europe
Alzheimer Europe (AE) is a non-profit organisation which aims to improve the care and treatment of Alzheimer patients.
Alzheimer Research Forum
A non-profit organization supporting the information needs of researchers and to promote openness and collaboration with colleagues worldwide.
Alzheimer Society of Canada
Information on the Alzheimer Society, the disease, care, research, news, events and more.
Alzheimer Web
Devoted to research on alzheimer`s disease, with FAQ`s, drugs and a tour of the brain.
Alzheimer`s & Depression
An article about symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment with links to related information.
Alzheimer`s Association
Resources on Alzheimer`s research, treatment, and news.
Alzheimer`s Center
Articles, quizzes, and sites.
Alzheimer`s Disease & Senile Dementia: HealthWorld Online
An explanation of how to treat the condition with herbal medicine, a resource center, and more.
Alzheimer`s Disease Education & Referral Center
Information, news and publications about Alzheimer`s disease and related dementias.
Alzheimer`s Disease Review
Offers discussion of the latest advances in research on Alzheimer`s disease and related disorders.
American Geriatrics Society
Links to the Geriatric Review, related news, a directory of health services for the aging, the summer institute in Geriatrics and related topics.
Boning up on Calcium & Osteoporosis
Information about osteoporosis and calcium intake.
Brain-Activity Data Clarify Contradictions in Earlier Anxiety Research
An article about an anxiety study.
Caregiving Online
Online newsletter for caregivers of an aging relative, friend or neighbor.
Cognitive Enhancement Research Institute
Smart Drug News chronicles the latest developments in the field of cognitive drugs and related technologies.
Copper Ridge--Sykesville, Maryland
Copper Ridge is one of the country`s only facilities dedicated exclusively to the care of persons with Alzheimer`s disease or other memory-impairing illnesses.
Elder Health: HealthWorld Online
A resource for naturopathic medicine, herbal medicine, and related information.
A collection of hundreds of reviewed links to on-line information about health, financing, housing, aging, and other issues related to the care of the frail elderly.
Eymann Publications, Inc.
Information to help you provide quality care for elderly residents in the long-term care and home settings.
Health Care Financing Administration (Medicare & Medicaid)
S. Department of Health and Human Services agency for the implementation and management of Medicare and Medicaid.
Health Policy Page
Articles about the current state of health care in the United States, including analyses of Medicare, Medicaid and managed care. Senior Health Support Group
Site offers a place to post comments, ideas or questions to a public senior health bulletin board to encourage open discussion of topics pertaining to senior health.
National Osteoporosis Foundation
About the disease, treatments, support groups, reports, prevention, bone health, advocacy, and other areas.
Osteogenesis Imperfecta Foundation
About Osteogenesis Imperfecta: a genetic disorder characterized by bones that break easily -- often from little or no apparent cause.
General information about preventing, and treating osteoporosis, including fracture risk articles.
Osteoporosis & Diet - No Bones About It
Osteoporosis and diet information from the Mayo Clinic.
Osteoporosis & Related Bone Diseases
Educational information from the Osteoporosis and Related Bone Diseases National Resource Center.
Osteoporosis Information & Resources
The latest news and research regarding this disease.
PROMINA Health System: Health Information
Health information for seniors.
Senior Health
Information on various diseases and conditions, news, articles, chat, and other areas.
Senior Health Foundation CyberCentral
A non-profit, privately funded organization that provides seniors throughout eastern Nebraska and western Iowa accessible and affordable computer education.
Senior Surfers: Your Health
Info about senior health issues.
The Alzheimer Page
Comprehensive educational resource from Washington University`s ADRC in St. Louis, MO. Includes information on aging, dementia and Alzheimer`s disease, with access to the Alzheimer archive and mailing list. Medicare Special Report
Overview, news and background.
Personalized, authoritative health and medical information, support communities, and breaking medical news.

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