Check out some of the features UltraBrowser 11.0 brings to you.
UltraBrowser is a very small file (1 MB) and its installation is a breeze. It's Simple and It's Fast.
Access to Top Sites is just a click away:
Many of the top sites are now accessible from drop-down menus within UltraBrowser
Take advantage of Integrated Web Search
You now have the added convenience to search Google from either the Address bar or the Search Box (located to the right of the address bar)
Query the Top Search Engines right from the Side Panel
You can query multiple search engines just by simply clicking the one you want to use. Search engines include Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, YouTube and many more… Categories include Web, Videos, Images, Music, and News.
Use 'MyWeb" to bookmark and organize your favorite sites like never before
Drag and drop links or add pages with one click. Plus, since your favorites are stored on the web, you can access them anytime from any computer running the UltraBrowser.
Learn More About MyWeb
Customize "MyWeb" by adding entire collections of pages from the pre-set Directories
With just one click, you get to add an entire collection of sites that meet your interest. Directories include Videos, Sports, Business, Social Networking, Reference, Encyclopedias and much more…Make "MyWeb" your own Internet portal customized just for you.
Use the Media Panel and enjoy the global touch UltraBrowser brings
Access TV, Radio, Music and Newspapers from around the world. Top Newspapers from every country and every U.S state are there within your reach.
View pages in multiple languages with the integrated web translator.
You can translate pages between more than 50 languages using the google translation service.
A simple way to access Menu Options
A single menu button for all the familiar browser options and settings
Pop-Up Blocker
Block unwanted pop-ups from your surfing experience. The Pop-Up Blocker is ON by default