The UltraBrowser software can be completely customized, totally branded, and fully integrated.


UltraBrowser 9.02

UltraBrowser™ is a state-of-the-art web based browser application that sets new standards for ease of use and features a host of advanced intelligence systems and innovative technologies.


UltraBrowser's 9.02 edition is a small browser application (800kb) with an integrated Pop-up Blocker , integrated multi-search functionality, a web based bookmark manager that lets users import their IE favorites, store them on the web, share them with others, and access them anywhere; a global media directory (TV, Radio, Music, Newspapers), easy access to popular instant messengers, default email applications, and multiple web mail services. The application also enables users to translate web documents into several languages and to change the look of the browser by choosing different themes from the skin library.

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UltraBrowser can be completely customized, totally branded, and fully integrated with a variety of web services and client applications:

Single Sign-on Platforms
ISP Dialers
Enterprise Portal Software 
Search Engines
Chat and Instant Messenger Software
Mail, Calendar, and Task Management Tools
Media Players
Ad Servers
Content and Portal Directories


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